Paris Hilton Blames Arrests On 'Driving While So, So Pretty'

  • Paris Hilton is so tired of getting hit on by cops. That's why they pull her over, don't you know. And poor long-suffering publicist Elliot Mintz gets kicked to the curb. [NYDN]
  • Ellen Barkin has some minor regrets about her marriage to Ron Perelman. "What the hell was I thinking? Marry a rich guy? Was I crazy? I was already at the party. I didn't need someone to get me through the door. How could I be so clueless?" [Page Six]
  • Fur-loving lolgay Kristian Laliberte may have been involved in a shoving match over former flame Peter Davis, but he won't confirm or deny: ""I refuse to comment on my personal life." Quel disappointment! [R&M, 2nd item]
  • Is Lindsay Lohan ditching Leslie Sloane Zelnick over the rumors that she engages in lezlove with Samantha Ronson? [R&M, 2nd item]