Were your Metrocard machines working today? A tipster notes that "all over NYC the subway machines aren't taking credit/debit cards...so cash is the only option. Can be a real inconvenience when the closest ATM is 10 minutes away." First of all, we're not sure how different this is than any other goddamned day on the MTA. When we ever find a machine that a) accepts cards and b) actually works, we shut the hell up about it lest someone from Transit find out and disable it. More importantly, how fucking hard is it to keep an emergency twenty in your wallet or purse or sock? This is New York City. Not long ago, if you lived, say, in the East Village, you'd have to walk to the Chemical Bank at Broadway and 9th for money; it closed at 2 p.m., and there was nowhere to get money on weekends. Nowadays we know the prevalence of ATMs makes everyone feel like there's always going to be a place to get cash around you, but for fuck's sake, show a little goddamned sense. Hasn't anyone seen After Hours?