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"For years we've sent agents biographical profiles of our editors every season along with our catalog," Little,Brown publisher Michael Pietsch (pictured!) says, by way of justifying his decision to make all his Hachette imprint's editors post online profiles on Publishers Marketplace. "The editors have a lot more room on the site to talk about what kinds of books they like, to describe some of their favorite moments, to include photos of their kids and cats." Kittypix are in short supply on the editors' current profiles, however. Some don't even choose to include the requisite headshot, leading us to wonder whether Asya Muchnick is hideously deformed or something! (J/k, she's cute.) In fact, the general dearth of personal information on these leads us to wonder whether the editors are so crazy about their boss's great idea.

For one thing, the editors seem to have universally decided to rebel against their boss by refusing to post about their "favorite moments," unless "I'm the paperback director at LB&Co, overseeing the Back Bay Books trade paperback list (quality fiction and narrative nonfiction)" counts as a "favorite moment."

Undeterred, Pietsch is leading by example, chattering bloggily about books he's recently read "totally not for work," and the city of San Francisco, where people "talk as well as they read!" It remains to be seen whether his editors will grudgingly follow suit, or whether other houses will follow LB's example. Fingers crossed! Think of the Publishing Hot or Not implications!

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