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Paris Hilton, as you may have heard from a pretty local news correspondent trying to explain why the boutiques of Robertson Blvd. were set aflame by pro-celebutard rioters on late Friday afternoon, was recently sentenced to spend 45 days in jail for violating her probation by driving on a suspended license. If you're anything like us, you immediately took to the web to find a t-shirt that would succinctly express your outrage over this miscarriage of justice, but, after some more soul-searching on the matter, you decided that this unexpected summer vacation might teach Hilton a valuable lesson about listening to publicists, rendering your FREE PARIS impulse buy suddenly unrepresentative of your feelings.Take heart, for the Gawker Shop now offers its own t-shirt to reflect your change of heart about the heiress's upcoming incarceration: the DON'T FREE PARIS, available in wide array of sizes, allowing Hilton fans of virtually any body-shape to let the world know he or she has Hilton's best interests at heart. Consume.