In March, New Republic Editor-in-Chief and former owner Martin Peretz told subscribers that the weekly magazine's shift to a bi-weekly publication schedule might mean fewer issues, but it would not mean fewer pages! The magazine would now be 80 pages, instead of 40, and would come out half as often. So readers would be receiving the same number of pages per year, just divided among fewer issues. This was immediately shown to be not at all true, and has become even less true as time has gone on.

The second redesigned issue—the one with Hillary Clinton on the cover—clocked in at 64 pages. The May 7 issue was even smaller, as a reader reports (we've stopped reading, mostly!):

the current issue clocks in at 54 pages. at this rate, by the time, Hillary or Barack make it to the white house in 2008, the new republic might be as thick as one of those "street sheets" the homeless peddle for a buck each.

Snappity snap! If someone wanted to get really pesky, they'd start putting together a subscribers' class-action lawsuit. Just saying! —Doree