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Lately, we've found that if we don't check in with leading fauxteur Michael Bay's infrequently updated web presence on a daily basis, we sleep fitfully (if at all), so tormented are we by thoughts that we've somehow missed out on important developments in the Bayniverse during our distressing periods of neglect. Our late afternoon visit uncovered news both good and bad; on the positive side, we've now been officially introduced to Bonecrusher Bay, the director's new mastiff, but this happy news is balanced by the troubling revelation that some total dickwad online predator has gotten all up in the director's MySpace:

In other news, there have been a couple folks in MySpace that have been pretending to be Michael. Like this loser here.

Michael's true MySpace placeholder page can be found here. Sadly, is owned by someone else.

We hope that this clears up any confusion over which profile is the authentic one; we'd hate for any more trusting Bay fans to be lured into the unauthorized friendspace of the Bay imposter, who, despite erecting an online shrine so over-the-top that one could easily assume it was created by the genuine master of mindless blowing-shit-up fare, cannot actually follow through on promises to trade a walk-on role for naughty photographs.