Park Avenue Peerage's James Kurisunkal doesn't just write about party people. Sometimes he writes about his childhood and his feelings, as in this article about his transition to dorm life in campus publication 'Banana Time' (yes really!)

Surely, as an only child with sometimes-there parents, I was no stranger to home-aloneness. Back home, I would convert my basement into a lavish Hollywood party, with loud music from Mariah Carey's heyday in the 1990s the only pigment of my party that wasn't of my imagination. I was always very good at creating the hypothetical: in fact, during these made-up parties, where I would be the only one in attendance, I'd have a friend on the telephone and I'd walk around, music blaring, speaking to people that didn't exist, telling my friend to hold while I made gossip and connections.

Shocking! But also not!

Banana Time