Are Valentine and Olga Rei really the former child superstars they told the author of New York's socialite cover story they are? Stunningly, these notorious liars may have lied about that too! At least, that's what New York's own Daily Intel's Jesse Oxfeld thinks.

Valentine served as a pint-size MC for a beauty pageant at age 7, he told Wilner, and he claims he was a full-blown TV icon by 11. Olga reports she was a V.J. Intrigued, we promptly hit the Web in search of adorable (or, okay, embarrassing) early pics of the Slavic Macaulay Culkin and Anna Paquin. But a strange thing happened: The more we looked, the less we knew about the flaxen-haired pair. Not YouTube nor Google nor any other Web searches turned up evidence of these seemingly quite public childhoods.

Shame on you, Isaiah. What shocking secret will come to light next? If we find out that the part about Olga's horses being named Beyonce and Rod Stewart is a falsehood, it might be the end of our faith in anything.

Socialite Rank Saga, Continued [Daily Intel]