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We wish we could say there were a lesson to be learned from tough guy methhead Tom Sizemore's inability to stray very far from the glass pipe, but with an astounding nine upcoming projects listed on his IMdB page, we're beginning to wonder if an insurmountable crystal habit isn't exactly what every down-in-the-dumps former Hollywood contender needs in order to stay productive enough to make the month's car and mortgage payments. Of course, you'll always be running the risk of arrest, even when you're doing nothing but minding your business, gnawing on your own cheek in a parked car:

Actor Tom Sizemore, still on probation for a drug rap, was arrested Tuesday for investigation of possessing methamphetamine as he sat in a car outside a Bakersfield hotel, police said.

Sizemore, 45, of Calabasas, was arrested after drugs were found in his car outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel, Detective Greg Terry said.

Officers were called to the hotel at around 7:30 a.m. by a report that a man had challenged an employee to fight while trying to check in, Terry said. [...]

A search of the car turned up two bags of suspected methamphetamine and "some additional narcotics smoking pipes," Terry said.

It's hard not to feel sorry for the actor, who violates his probation at a time when it's inadvisable for high profile fuck-ups who occasionally star in their own reality series to do so. Sadly, however, it sometimes takes an arrest—and the harsh sentencing that may come with it—to finally set a celebrity gone astray back onto the straight and narrow. Besides, it's clear Sizemore has been getting nothing but bad advice lately from the snaggletoothed vestigial twin living inside his navel that begins to talk to him after a couple sleepless nights riding hard on the pipe.