Yesterday at Peter Braunstein's trial for kidnapping and sexual assault, jurors were treated to a series of readings from his personal journals. Braunstein's personal manifesto provided a chilling journey into the mind of a blah blah blah—the important thing is that both of the tabs have evidentiary photos!

If you're the type that thrills to pictures of the chloroform that a deranged assailant used in the commission of a disgusting crime you'll want to check them both out! But in case your sickening voyeurism conflicts with a busy schedule, we've taken an exhaustive look at the pair in order to recommend one for the time-pressed rubbernecker. It's a close run thing, but we lean toward the News: the captions are funnier, the slideshow format is conducive to browsing, and they offer twenty shots to the Post's nineteen. On the other hand, the Post does offer the handy "Email this photo to a friend" option, so you'll have to make your choice based on how important sending a pal a pic of the rope Braunstein used in his attack is to you.

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