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File this under rampant speculation, but we're hearing that Steve Dunleavy—lover of liquor, fighter for justice, friend to ass-sodomizing constabulary everywhere—has put in for retirement from the New York Post. If true (and again, it may not be, conflicting reports, etc.) this represents a staggering blow to the paper: Columnist of the Millennium Andrea Peyser simply can't provide all the tabloid outrage on her own. While we've no idea what Steve's (putative) retirement plans involve, at least it'll give him some much-needed time to pursue his first great love: reading Proust's À La Recherche du Temps Perdu in the original French. Ha, we're just kidding, it's booze. Whether this story pans out or not, please stay tuned for the inevitable rambling screed from photographer and fellow traveler James Edstrom in the comments below.