College Humor, a website run by boys who've hung out together since high school in Maryland—back before they were "famous"—has now completed its transformation into the Entourage of the web. First they got a development deal with Paramount, complete with writers from The Office. The early success of their t-shirt and blog empire means they now have to hurdle the vagaries of oodles of money, Barry Diller (who has a controlling interest in their company) and book deals. Yesterday they jumped right through the looking glass. We hear that College Humor ringleader Ricky Van Veen (the Vince of the gang, and surely prettier than Adrian Grenier) "took a meeting" with crazed power-agent Ari Emmanuel, the Endeavor founder on whom Entourage's Ari Gold is based. (College Humor Co-founder Josh Abramson, totally the Eric of the gang, should have been there to police!) Halfway through their pow-wow, Ari calls some producer. "Hey, I have this kid here.... Hey, kid, what's your name again?" Welcome to Hollywood, boys! Don't let all the empty promises go to your heads.