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As Galleycat recently noted, Times book meanie Michiko Kakutani has been in a cheery mood of late, overusing "stunning" and "dazzling" on two novels already this month! But other bad habits seem to die considerably harder. From the second sentence of her review of Don DeLillo's Falling Man:

His novels, from "Players" and "White Noise" through "Libra" and "Mao II" and the remarkable "Underworld," not only limned the surreal weirdness of the waning years of the 20th century, but somehow also managed to anticipate the shock and horror of 9/11 and its darkly unspooling aftermath.

Whether or not you agree with Dennis Loy Johnson's famous defense of Michiko's limning, by this point, would it kill her to toss us an "outlined" once in a while? A "sketched?" A "delineated"? We would totally settle for a "portrayed!"