New listings with the "New York Commercial Realty Services" show that recently-opened Pizzeria Di Santo on Ludlow Street might be out on the street. (Mediocre pizza and a cheap Street Fighter arcade machine will only get you so far, it seems. And here we all thought it was Cronkite that would conk out first.) Also for lease is the space that contains Zozo's, the weird "fresh" fast food place on Stanton and Orchard—on the market for "only" $9,000 a month. More opportunities! Fuelray is going for $17,500 a month—it's that old nasty N.Y.U. hangout on W. 3rd Street. And Moomia, at $16,800 a month, is a barren hookah bar on Lafayette. The already-closed Chelsea institution The Biltmore can be yours for $16,500 a month. But what will become of the old and beautiful Ottendorfer Library branch on 135 Second Avenue? 115 years old, and the first building to be constructed specifically to be a library, it just underwent a $3.1 mil renovation. Now advertised as "Perfect for Restaurant/Bar," it's going for $150 per square foot. We didn't think a fatter drunker less literate East Village was possible, but turns out we were wrong. —Josh