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We're always up for checking in with theorist Camille Paglia, whose column in (ad view req'd) bounces from topic to topic like a post-feminist superball ricocheting off the walls of popular culture. In the current edition, she weighs in with her thoughts on everything from the Democratic presidential debates to the Virginia Tech tragedy to the lack of well-written roles for African-Americans on All My Children. But it's her staunchly pro-Trumpian take on the subject of Rosie O'Donnell we chose to single out for special recognition:

On the pop front, I greeted with relief the news that Rosie O'Donnell will be leaving ABC's "The View." Joy Behar will get some oxygen at last. What a crass solipsist, clod and yahoo O'Donnell is — and what a bad advertisement for both liberalism and lesbianism. I thoroughly enjoyed Donald Trump putting the shiv to her with his eye-opening insults of withering accuracy.

The list of O'Donnell's faults overfloweth — beginning with her stentorian humorlessness and her infantile rudeness to her cohosts and ending with her crackpot conspiracy theories and her constant flaunting of her banal regimen of antidepressants.

We somehow doubt Paglia's words will register on the departing View co-host's radar, seeing as O'Donnell's frequently overshared world view appears to be exclusively fed by a restrictive informational diet consisting of USA Today's op/ed page, Access Hollywood, and the occasional episode of Cheaters. And while a Trump/Paglia alliance isn't one we can say we quite saw coming, it's certainly in keeping with the author's frequently unpredictable track record, dolling up with 25 cent words what her unlikely land baron ally would have more folksily put as, "Good riddance to that fat, upside down, depressed lesbian pig, Rosie."