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Whether you think Scribd, often billed as the YouTube of documents, is brilliant technology, overvalued hype, or in for copyright disputes, you have to question the wisdom displayed in their recent call for new employees:

If you join Scribd now, you'll have the real startup experience: you'll design the product (not only implement it) and work in a tiny group that accomplishes big things. You'll also get a big equity stake now and a management role later on (unless you don't want it). At the same time, Scribd has raised money from top-tier venture capitalists, so you won't have to live on Ramen...

Promising management positions at this early stage to all newcomers? Such an inappropriate and foolhardy pledge raises concerns about the basic business acumen of the three young people behind one of the hottest VC investments... nevermind the technology, business model, or legal concerns. Would any entrepreneur "ambitious enough to want to do a startup" actually believe that a new company that has received funding from "top-tier venture capitalists" can promise management roles at a later date? Any promising candidate can foresee the inevitable five levels of management over them, their "big equity stake" diluted over time, funding withdrawn, and a return to living on Ramen.