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Pay Per Post, the sleazy blog payola network backed by DFJ, continues to try to sell its human side via its web-based reality show RockStartup. This time with the even more human than human outtake reel. It's quaint to see people tripping, or flubbing a line, or ordering too much swag with that VC green. On the other hand, most businesses wouldn't be proud to show their Chief of Sales telling a woman that she "could make a lot of money stripping" or Ted Murphy, the company's founder and CEO, recycling Borat's ubiquitous "It's niiice" when asked about a woman taking off her jacket at their conference.

When you are trying to dampen the negative perception of your company, it's probably best to avoid filming, editing, and uploading to the web proof of womanizing behavior. Of course, one would hope that it could be avoided in the first place.