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It's hard to believe, but May 25th marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the first installment in George Lucas's career-defining, not-at-all-silly epic space opera, making it as good an excuse as any to push through some civic legislation designating it Star Wars Day in Los Angeles. Our friends at Curbed LA snagged a copy of the resolution:

RESOLVE to DECLARE May 25, 2007 as Star Wars Day in the City of Los Angeles and also recognize George Lucas' 1977 film Star Wars for its tremendous impact on the citizenry of Los Angeles, the film industry and the world, and for continuing to inspire after thirty years millions of people to explore movies, fantasy, literature, and science as means of achieving their goals and dreams,

Presented by: [signed] Jan Perry Councilwoman Ninth District

The citywide festivites are timed to coincide with the Celebration IV international fan gathering, where, among a mindboggling array of Star Wars-themed activities, the "largest Slave Leia photo shoot ever" will be mounted around an actual-size replica of their fearsome mafioso mollusk keeper, Jabba the Hutt. Mark you calendars: It will surely be a joyous time to have landed on the Paved Planet of Hollywood, as our finer dining establishments and social clubs are inifiltrated by Princess Padmes and Admiral Akbars from around the globe, and local year-round zealot, Head-Butting Chewbacca, will receive an official pardon from Mayor Villaraigosa at a planned clemency ceremony outside the Chinese Theater.