CNN recently started a new blog called "Young People Who Rock," and one of their first inductees to this nascent hall of fame is 25-year-old Joanna Alberti, who started a greeting card and clothing business called philoSophie. Who is Sophie, you ask? Well! She is not real, but

what she stands for is: "Wear pumps. Take taxis"; "A strong cup of coffee and confidence can get you through the morning"; "Keep your nails painted and your hand raised."

Oh, and there's more.

Sophie's musings are splashed across tank tops and fine stationery that Alberti's company creates by hand. The "Sex and the City"-esque mantras speak to real women. Alberti's contagious honesty, not to mention playful wit, makes her a fierce phenom in today's highly competitive design world — that is nothing to regret.

So, what would you ask Alberti? Send your on-camera questions for the CNN Pipeline interview, then tune in Friday to look for your video.

Yes, please do send in those questions! We'll be watching.—Doree

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