A scene from the literary life of Lindsay Lohan:

'The only other signing I've come to in New York is actually James Frey. I cried. I went in the back, and I was just bawling. He's amazing. He was big help to me when I was going through stuff.' In fact, Frey wrote Lohan a note when the Smoking Gun website published that letter written to her by Morgan Creek's James Robinson, castigating her for her behavior. Lohan still wants to star in the movie version of Frey's now-debunked addiction memoir, A Million Little Pieces, should it ever get made. 'He was really cool. He's a good person,' Lohan says.

Well, it's good to know that Lindsay's enthusiasm for Frey's work hasn't been dampened by finding out that, you know, he's a total lying faker. Why should any actions have any consequences, anyway?

More Than Georgia On This Trio's Minds [USA Today]
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