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Declawed book-business blog Galleycat is once again hosting a poll about which authors are hot. So far, 441 people have voted, mostly for Kunkel-feuding debut novelist Katherine Taylor. But that's unshocking given that the other options included Marisha Pessl, Jodi Picoult, and "this question is demeaning." Way to inoculate yourself against charges of sexism and objectification there! Except ... sorry, Ron Hogan. You're still totally creepy about the book hotties, and getting creepier with every post.

"I'm in the middle of Tasha's latest, A Poisoned Season, right now, but have to recuse myself on the subject of her hottiness because she went out with my roommate junior year," Ron wrote in a follow up post. We're not sure exactly what Ron means by this, but would hazard a guess that it's something along the lines of "I accidentally on purpose walked in on Tasha in the bathroom a few times junior year and she is smokin'. Oh and also did I forget to use this post as a way to mention that I know writers? I know writers! They're my friends! Hey, also I myself am a writer!"

And then, today: "After discovering that she'd been left out of our most recent hottie author feature and its followup, occasional friend o'the'Cat, and author of Rain Village, Carolyn Turgeon demanded to know why we were leaving her out—so I promised I'd rectify the situation before we left for the weekend!" Oh please let Ron not be meaning "occasional friend with benefits o'the'Cat." Please.