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We recently said a prayer—a modest one, but a prayer nonetheless—that Cavemen, ABC's way of telling the world, "You know what? We give up. There is no more comedy. It was clearly a non-renewable resource whose last drips were squandered somewhere during the opening credits of Wild Hogs. Instead, we proudly present to you this season-long riff on a third-tier car insurance company commercial. Choke on it," would make it onto their fall schedule. Our prayers have been answered:

UPDATE: Wait, ABC wants some funny too. Net is ordering "Sam I Am," "Carpoolers" and, of course, "Cavemen."

Also, another drama, the untitled Jon Feldman project about the "bedrooms and boardrooms of four dysfunctional CEOs."

Rejoice! That deep void on the TV landscape calling out for a sitcom about a smart aleck, fur-and-latex-covered protagonist who drops occasional nuggets of outsider wisdom on the human condition has finally been filled since Alf's tragically premature departure at the end of the 1980s. We can now look forward to having the one question that's been nagging us since first reading about the project answered: Can Geico advertise on a show based on their own commercial, and if so, can the commercials be written seamlessly into the plot, effectively turning the entire programming block into one uninterrupted Geico Cavemen Comedy Half-Hour?