'WSJ' Tells Bizarre Yo Momma JokeS

As if you needed more proof that the weekend media scene, such as it exists, is run by oedipally challenged vulgarians, we present the above close-up of the Journal's Personal Finance section front page. Yes, talk to Mom about the Street in a language she'll understand—the language of mammaries!

'WSJ' Tells Bizarre Yo Momma Joke

This week's Whistler mash-up notwithstanding, it turns out that "Abreast of the Market" is a regular column meant, in 'WSJ' patois, for investors who wonder, "Why is the market gyrating?" It is written by Karen Talley. She's a lady. But don't despair! To the right, a familiar, and far more wholesome, image for your Mother's Day festivities.