TRIP GABRIEL's DEPUTY: You know what's super hot right now? Disabilities! Amputations, C.P., mental problems... you can't turn on a TV without seeing some handicapped hero. Whaddya say we do 1500 words on it. Show how people with disabilities no longer feel the need to hide it. They're proud, they're strong, etc. You know, something really uplifting, celebrating the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.
MIREYA NAVARRO: I'm on it. And let's go unexpected, and do it from L.A.!
TRIP GABRIEL'S DEPUTY: [To photographer STEPHANIE DIANI] We want it to be cutting-edge, but it should still say Styles. So see if you can find one of the hot amputees and get an upskirt shot. Let's shift the paradigm here, people!

Clearly, Frankly, Unabashedly Disabled [NYT]