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MyBlogLog, the well-received web "widget" that displays images of recent visitors to your site, has re-emerged after being purchased by Yahoo back in January. David Dalka reports that Robyn Tippins, the community manager for MyBlogLog, promises a redesign and several new features.

The redesign/rebranding is no surprise (unless you thought MyBlogLogs would suffer the fate of many startup acquisitions — either lost in purgatory or a withering death). The new features (a filter for offensive photos and the ability to sign off) are an obvious and necessary improvement since MyBlogLog was suffering from spam and NSFW concerns. Hover features in "Widget 2.0" is merely obligatory Web 2.0 icing.

But all of these efforts are probably for naught. After its initial buzz, MyBlogLog's growth failed to catch on because of spam, scaling issues, and an inability to escape beyond a niche offering. What this new announcement signals is an effort by Yahoo to escape the PR hit that Google suffered in its handling of the Dodgeball acquisition. Whether or not MyBlogLog achieves wider success, Yahoo is sending the message that startups, when acquired, will receive support and attention, will be integrated into the main brand, and will continue to lead a "healthy" and promising life.