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An update to last week's startling claims that temporarily slowed the seemingly unstoppable rise of frozen dessert Borg, Pinkberry: If you recall, someone is suing the company for allegedly passing off a powder-based product containing no live cultures, making for a bacteria-free snacking experience (we're told in yogurt circles, not a good thing). An update to the Pinkberry website addresses the controversy directly, assuring customers that their "product is wholesome" and that they are "investigating."

We're not entirely sure how long it will take to get to the bottom of the great mystery of what single ingredient makes up the only product Pinkberry currently sells at greatly inflated prices. Regardless of whether or not your cup contains an impostor, however, you are fully encouraged to continue emptying your wallets at the altar of the soft serve treat for as long as you like. That is, at least until the Pinkberry franchises are replaced by the next culinary fad to come down the pike—which, our in-the-know foodie friends have tipped us, is likely to be sashimi-flavored gelato.