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Hey, do you have a burning question along the lines of "How do I best indoctrinate my son into good music? Do you have recommendations for good starter music? When is it too early to take a baby to see The Arcade Fire or Wilco?" Ask America's premiere hip-parenting expert Neal Pollack! His advice column, "Ask Alternadad," can be found on new parenting-blog agglomeration Offsprung, which is sort of like Babble, except it's not called Babble. Offsprung's slogan is "Your life didn't end when you became a parent." Heh. Oh, and for the record, here's Neal's deeply considered answer to the question above: "As far as music goes, Elijah received a heavy diet of punk rock early on, but that's because I was researching a book about the history of punk and playing in a band myself. While there's still plenty of rock in my rotation, I often spend the day listening to nothing but Miles Davis. Hell, I get excited when the theme to The Rockford Files comes up in my ITunes shuffle." Great advice.

Kirby, Your Enthusiasm [Ask Alternadad]