Oh dear, it's always difficult when a Look Book subject comes off as sweet and endearing and down to earth. Makeup artist Alice Lane is all those things and also a Victim! Of hair trauma. "When I was a kid, my dad cut my hair and I had a big, Afro, microphone head. And it was red. I could never get a boyfriend." After the jump, Intern Alexis rallies David Lê, Michael Gambale, and Molly Finkelstein to give Alice a whole new set of issues, and also to discover the etymology of "Ginger Spice."

David Lê, television enthusiast, volunteer

Why is Alice holding her hair all funny-like?
It's been 80 degrees outside and her scalp is COOKIN under that coonskin. Girlfriend just needs to let her business catch some breeze!

Why don't British people don't like red hair?
Pardon my British, but methinks this lady is a nut. The real question is why she thinks Americans do like red hair, and consequently why she dyed
her wig-piece like Ronny McD. Redheadedness is a lifestyle choice
Americans simply will not support.

Since Alice won't describe her style, why don't you do it for her...
Two parts Howard Stern (hair, accessories); three parts Shirley Maclaine
(face, coloration, wardrobe). I think the blouse may have come out of Shirley's trousseau. That or, more simply put: Carrottop, in drag, as himself. In a few years, we'll all be doing it.

Michael Gambale, legal assistant bitch

Why is Alice holding her hair all funny-like?
Nose-twitching witch, Samantha Stephens was a sell-out to the domesticated life. Her mother, Endora's only hope was that her bubbly, red-headed daughter, Alice Lane aka Ginger Puff, would become her successful independent witch, using her fiery locks to cast spells of permanence. Unfortunately, Ginger Puff endured years of adolescent torment and much to her mother's chagrin escaped London and married a Lehman brother.

Why don't British people like red hair?
They do. Contrary to Ginger Puffs claim, it had nothing to do with her red hair as such but her freakish displays of witchcraft. I mean, please, being a pimple-faced dork is one thing; being a witch is another.

Since Alice won't describe her style, why don't you do it for her...

I don't. I just put on things that I like. I wouldn't want to be trendy, but not being trendy seems to be trendy at the moment.

Right, sure, I bet Amy Larocca was *pleased* with that answer! Who wouldn't once Puffy Rouge raises her Frizzes and cackles like a mad chicken. No, what she meant to say was that her look was derived from a google image search using the phrase, 'untrendy trends that are trendy' and came up with a flamboyant ensemble only Agnes Moorehead would love.

Molly Finkelstein,"God it's hard pretending I actually do something"

Why is Alice holding her hair all funny-like?
It's just like, about experiencing the color (colour) to its maximum potential. Of course, that's not her natural color, but once upon a time it was, and really, what does "natural" even mean in nowadays? If babies can come from the sperm of a young male "artist" looking to get some cash for his stash combined with the egg of a lesbian and then placed in the uterus of the lesbian's life partner, and that works out for all parties involved—except probably the guy, who now runs the risk of his future kids unknowingly having incestuous relationships with their secret two-mommies-raised half-sibling—and the baby comes out into the world with three natural parents and no diseases to speak of, why can't Alice experiment with definitions? Plus, holding her hair up accentuates her roots, which, by the way, look brunette to me.

Why don't British people don't like red hair?
The "fear of the ginger" dates back to the early sixteenth century, when Henry VIII's fourth wife, Anne of Cleaves, actually did give birth to a male heir—an albino male heir. Anne, knowing that her husband, who religiously lounged by the Thames in the nude "to prevent tan lines," would be disgusted their pale son, sought out the wisdom of the best medicine man in England. Well, she couldn't actually find the medicine man because she stopped off at the pub to get a pint and because she thought maybe someone there would have an idea or, at least, some bronzer. Needless to say, several pints of Strongbow and a forty of Olde (then, Newe) English later, Anne and the local gents had figured out a solution for her pasty son, Alistair. They mixed a big barrel of Bloody Mary and plopped baby Alistair in it. He emerged with skin red as Henry when he overdoes the tanning oils, but also, with freakishly crimson hair. Thus was born the first ginger child. Anne brought the scarlet baby to Henry who was so afraid of his devil child that he immediately beheaded them both.

Since Alice won't describe her style, why don't you do it for her...
Honestly, I've been living in London for the past couple months and people really dress like that. Well, girls half her age. And she better be wearing ankle boots. I swear I saw that rainbow shirt on sale for thirty-five pounds at a vintage store in Notting Hill. Did I say Notting Hill? I meant Camden Markets. Oh, but no one would draw attention to their gingerness, unless, of course, they were Ginger Spice. Oh wow, I just got why they called her that.

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