"I found The Sex Diaries thoroughly entertaining, but I was disappointed by your omission of a critical Manhattan dweller: the college student," writes Lena Chen to, and in, New York mag. "My friends and I were inspired to take a page from your book and start weeklong diaries of our own. After seven days of awkward dates, booty texts, and drunken hookups, we came to a conclusion: Harvard students are getting more play than New Yorkers." Well, sure, we'll buy that. What's a more powerful aphrodisiac than not having gotten any in high school? But Lena neglects to mention a crucial detail in her letter: she writes Sex and the Ivy, a sex blog full of insights like "Is it any wonder that of the guys I have hooked up with, the overwhelming majority are from this year's graduating class? It's not as if two-year's difference means terribly much but the difference, however minute, is enough." What's the real purpose of the letter, then? Perhaps Lena, though she's only a sophomore, is already spreading the word about where she'll be spreading her postgrad legs. Watch your back, Julia Allison!