Guy Trebay must be thrilled. The movement/moment that young gay male artists are having, which he'd chronicled so breathlessly, has just thrust itself back into the spotlight via being curtailed by evil censors. Apparently, the show that Guy had pegged his article on, "The Male Gaze," had to share space at Dumbo's powerHouse Arena gallery this weekend with the Brooklyn Designs home decor expo, and, well, gosh knows that home decor enthusiasts are not in the mood to see naked Ryan McGinley photos! (Wait, they're not?) Anyway, some of the photos—7 of them, to be exact—had to be taken down for the weekend so as not to "distract from the furniture presentations." At least, that's the official line. But we couldn't help but notice that one of the offending photos is called "Untitled (Earsnot Gets Some Pussy)." Maybe it just wasn't gay enough.

Lost in the "Male" [TONY]