N+1's outgoing winter interns are getting a wonderful goodbye present—their elders are sending them off with a night of art film in Brooklyn. They'll be watching "No Outlet," a film (supposedly a documentary) by Paul and Dan Cantagallo, which is all about the despair of the middle-class young in American suburbia. (According to the audition call, though, parts were cast, and the actors worked on a "a lo/no/deferred basis.") Both Cantagallo brothers graduated from Harvard ('01 and '02 respectively)—Paul also appeared in "The American Ruling Class," a semi-documentary starring two kids from the Ivy League and Lewis Lapham ("Preachy, condescending and shockingly naive," said the Washington Post!). For those concerned about class and its machinations, the whole thing sounds just intricately edifying all around!

From: Allison Lorentzen Date: May 15, 2007 3:33 PM Subject: n+1 Intern Goodbye Party, Friday 5/18 To: Chad Harbach


Please join me, Chad Harbach, and the rest of n+1 in wishing a fond
farewell to our winter interns this Friday, May 18, at REDACTED.
If you are an intern or know of interns with a passion for
documentary films, you may be interested in our pre-party screening of
Paul and Dan Catagallo's[sic] "No Outlet," about disaffected young adults
living in suburbia—write to me for more details.

Details for the party:
Friday, May 18
2/3 to Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum
10:30 PM till late

See you there!

No Outlet [Brightcove]