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Fox has yet to officially release its Fall schedule, but we feel confident that nothing they're going to reveal tomorrow can possibly change our opinion about what will be our favorite new show come September: Kid Nation, the bold social experiment in which CBS abandons 40 children in a New Mexico ghost town for 40 days, leaving them to form their own civilization without the interference of adults.

At their upfront presentation today, the network took pains to avoid the inevitably dark Lord of the Flies comparisons ("It's an unbelievable community of respect, and you watch them build society," said president Nina Tassler), but after watching the extended trailer posted on the CBS website, we know they're just trying not to scare off an overly sensitive public before the show airs. Above, we've taken a screenshot of the preview's most harrowing moment, where the child clearly cast in the Piggy role admits homesickness and shows a sign of weakness by crying at a "town meeting," then is immediately beset by a pack of stronger boys, who strip him of his clothes, smash his glasses, and drive him out into the desert, all the while chanting, "Sucks to your ass-mar!" in response to his wheezy pleas for mercy.

CBS has a huge hit on its hands, we can feel it.