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  • Amazon to open digital music store that will only sell DRM-free music—so copy away, as often as you like! Our heroes! Suck it, iTunes. [LAT]
  • Should Conrad Black get off at his fraud trial, expect his "hellish vengeance." [The First Post]
  • Charlie Gibson to stick around at ABC News for a while; new "NBC Nightly News" producer hopes it's not for that long. [NYT]
  • Dow Jones board to wait and see what the Bancroft family wants to do about Rupert Murdoch's bid for the company. [WSJ]
  • The 50-year-old bimonthly American Heritage suspends publication; just like your mom, however, it still has a website. [NYT]
  • "Live plus three" is the new digi-mobile-webby-pod-demand Nielsen viewership measurement weirdness. [NYT]