Seinfeld Survives 'Bee Movie' Publicity Stunt

As a follow-up to yesterday's story about how studios will spare no expense in creating Hollywood-quality promotional spectacles at Cannes, we present this photo of Bee Movie star Jerry Seinfeld, who gamely donned a bee costume, was affixed to a zip line, and then thrown off the roof of the eight-story Carlton Hotel, eventually alighting on a pier prominently displaying the movie's logo. While the stunt apparently was carried off without incident, there has to be a part of DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg that secretly, selfishly hoped the cord would snap and send Seinfeld crashing into the sea (Just enough to make a little splash. Oh, come on, don't be like that! It's not like he was going to cut the rope himself. If it happened, it happened.), creating an even more intense buzz for their upcoming film.

Another photo follows after the jump, showing what could have been the final moment of the brave star's life:

Seinfeld Survives 'Bee Movie' Publicity Stunt


[Photos: Getty Images]