Meet Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek. They are originally from Poland, where they were world weightlifting champions. Now they have a personal training gym called the Happy Body fitness studio, near San Francisco. Jerzy and Aniela have a very interesting approach to personal training. They do not like moderation! They are profiled in this month's W, and Aniela, who is 48 years old, is described as still having "no trouble wearing snug, white spandex pants," even after giving birth to the couple's daughter three years ago. That is impressive! Even more impressive is that their program encourages women to get down to 13 percent body fat, and men to 10 percent. Even W thinks this might be extreme!

They quote a doctor as saying, "To achieve 13 percent body fat you have to be drastic." Then again, it will help you fit into snug, white spandex pants at the age of 48! It will also teach you what to feed your children.

One Woodside woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, says that she and her husband were so happy with their results that they put their three children—ages nine, 10, and 13—on the Happy Body program as well. The kids eat three meals a day but have learned to love scrambled egg whites and turkey on hemp bread instead of sugary cereal and PB&J. ("They're kids," she says. "They eat cake and ice cream at birthday parties.")

High school should be fun.

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