To live in Philippe Starck's new 23rd Street condos—"Gramercy Yoo By Starck"—is to contemplate an existence within the confines of the insanity of one man's vision. But buyers of the 207 studios and one-to-two bedroom apartments have at least some say as to what genre of crazy they would prefer. The units come in three finishes: nature, classic, and culture. And how do you know which "tribe" you belong to? Well, you play Starck's fun game on the superfun website. Simply pick 5 images and find out whether you're natural, classic or cultured. I picked a tree, scotch, Magritte, a car and a shoal of fish and got Classic. The same combination subbing out the car for Hendrix got me membership in the Culture tribe. This means in Starck's mind, Hendrix is what separates man from beast. Maybe he's not so crazy after all. —Josh