It's no secret that the moment one steps into Ellen DeGeneres's kingdom, one is expected to submit to her wishes to be constantly surrounded by forced frivolity, preferably in the rhythm-deficient style popularized by Anglo-Saxon Americans. So it's not much of a surprise that bushy-faced comic Zach Galifianakis's refusal to get down with his fellow Ellen audience members—pricelessly captured in the above video, courtesy of the Comedy Central Insider—would raise the ire of daytime TV's reigning fun-enforcer. Galifianakis tells what happened:

"The story is that Ellen was watching me in her dressing room - and asked security if I looked weird or suspicious or something like that. My friend who works on the show overheard her and told Ms. Degeneris that I was a friendly - there is a little more to the story but I will keep that secret. But I was not at all asked to leave. If you do not dance with the creeps you are seen as a creep."

Clearly, Galifianakis is simply not Ellen studio audience material. Even a star of John Travolta's magnitude is fully aware of the drill, having recently pranced through the studio aisles in his tightest leather drag to the infectious bassline of "It Takes Two."