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Perhaps depressed that his evil, publicity-boosting plan to cut Jerry Seinfeld's zip-line with a comically oversized pair of scissors and send the Bee Movie star hurtling into the sea was foiled by a last-second bout of conscience, DreamWorks Animation head cheerleader Jeffrey Katzenberg refrained from making any bold predictions about Shrek the Third's shot at topping Spider-Man 3's box office record this weekend:

"I just caution everybody: for 'Shrek' it's not where we start, it's where we finish," Katzenberg told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival where he is promoting a new animated film, "Bee Movie," from comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

"I hope we have a very, very good weekend, but I don't expect us to set any records," Katzenberg added.

A visibly dejected Katzenberg then sighed, raised a hand to his furrowed brow, then continued. "I guess we'll have to see what happens. I've done all I can. If we don't open as big as we'd like, we'll have to try something different for the second weekend. Maybe I'll make Mike Myers put on a Shrek suit, take him up in a hot air balloon over the Ocean's 13 premiere next Thursday, then push him out and hope he crushes Brad Pitt to death while he's talking to a camera crew from E!. Maybe then people would care, go see my movie. I dunno, whatever."

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