Last night John Johnson's Eyebeam Institute celebrated 10 years of cutting some major edge with a benefit at their Chelsea warehouse. We were forced on pain of death cheerfully volunteered to partake in "tabloid karaoke." Somewhat sadly we found out that that meant being put in a little box with a dude from the Onion and some hot girl from Buzzfeed without food nor drink and writing headlines about the sundry blogebrities and artists who came. Suck! Though the event was meant to honor Arianna Huffington the so-called Queen of the Blogosphere (Take that Denton!), Lady Huff was stuck in California with a bizarre eye injury. (Another eye injury?)

So instead we had to write heds about attendees such as Andre Balasz, Coralie Charriol and HuffPo dominatrix Rachel Sklar. We did catch sight of protobloggers Jason Kottke and his wife Meg Hourihan. Megnut, as she is better known, also had a beatific glow and belly bump that are the telltale signs of being preggers. Mazel tov! We'll welcome the first of the new generation of super blogger babies.

John Johnson and his cuz Jaime were in attendance. John, who looks like a dapper D. H. Lawrence, took to the stage to talk about freedom or whatever. And Arianna literally videophoned in a performance. But as the night wore on, and as the absence of food and, more importantly, alcohol eroded our wit and work ethic, we started just posting pictures of kittens from Cuteoverload with captions like "Arianna Huffington Slaughtered My Family". Which is true. Meanwhile, our very own new media artist Richard Blakeley was free to roam around the space asking the type of hard-hitting questions that are so often missing in new media. CITIZEN JOURNALISM. TAKE THAT. —Josh