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Things may not have ended well between America's Current Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon and her caddish, underemployed ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, but the couple appears to be moving on: Reese is reportedly in fake-love with Jake Gyllenhaal, and the divorce proceedings appear to be humming along smoothly:

In a response filed Tuesday, Phillippe also cited irreconcilable differences but asked for joint legal custody and physical custody of the children as well as visitation granted "to both parties, equally allocated." [...]

The documents filed with the court in November and this week do not list separate or community property, saying the nature of the assets has yet to be determined.

Witherspoon's petition requested that the court not grant any spousal support to Phillippe. There was no request for support in Phillippe's petition.

Phillippe's refusal to seek any sort of spousal support is a promising sign that the actor has made significant breakthroughs during his relatively brief time attending meetings at the Beverly Hills outpost of Lesser-Wattage Hollywood Husbands Who Refuse to be Emasculated by Their Significant Ex's $15 Million Asking Price Anonymous. Still, all it takes is one misinterpreted sidelong glance at the adjudication or an inflexible request for full ownership of the Le Creuset cookware collection before proceedings escalate into all-out warfare, with both parties hurling accusations that the other crazy side knowingly sent their children to school with substandard brownbagged meals containing nary a Capri Sun or Lunchable.