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Earlier this week, someone e-mailed to suggest that we post examples of the "fake," publicist-supplied celebrity sightings that we try to filter out so that they don't render our cherished PrivacyWatch feature even more hopelessly tainted by PR shenanigans than it probably already is. Because we like nothing better than to make our loyal readers' tragically unambitious dreams come true, here's one from just a few hours ago that's obviously not trying too hard (if at all) to fool us:

Subj: Orlando Bloom Enlists in Cupcake Wars In Hollywood's ongoing "Cupcake Wars," baker to the stars Mrs. Beasley's wins a battle when Orlando Bloom stopped into the Beverly Hills store this week for the must have accessory for Summer, the Beasley's Popper. One wonders if Bloom will share the dozens of new mini cupcakes he bought with his cast mates at the "Pirates of the Caribbean" premieres next week. Paris Hilton and Kobe Bryant have also been spotted with the tasty treats.

Now that we've made ourselves pawns of Mrs. Beasly's treat-pushing forces in the "Cupcake Wars" (doesn't that mini-popper-related Paris Hilton sighting from today's PW seem a little suspicious now?) there's nothing left to do but wait and hope that some good will come of our complicity; perhaps sworn enemy Sprinkles will use the information that Orlando Bloom has "enlisted" with the competitor to advance the skirmish, anonymously e-mailing to let us know that the Pirates star's body has been found in the alley behind their Beverly Hills store, having apparently suffocated after trying to eat five of their "deadly delicious" red velvet cupcakes at once.