This weekend's Pursuits features the return of an apparently legendary Wall Street Journal series called "Creative Leaders." It's a meta-ad campaign that honors the advertising industry's "hottest and most talented creatives" by featuring their photo and a Q & A with them about their work. The original series ran from 1975 to 1999; according to the Advertising Educational Foundation, getting the CL treatment eventually became "one of the highest honors in the industry." In the archives, luminaries like Donny Deutch, Jerry Della Femina, and Rick Boyko get their moment. This week's big winner is Alex Bogusky of Crispin Porter + Bogusky ("an award-winning leader in offbeat viral marketing"), whose accounts include Burger King and Miller Lite. They also made "ironic trucker hats," which are trucker hats that say "ironic" on them.

Bogusky himself shows up dressed in a motocross outfit and flashing a toothy smile, and says this about weekends: "Weekends are a different mind-set. People are more open to new thinking and searching for new ideas on the weekends. Although some people stay in and watch the game, others are out recreating all day."

Pursuits follows up by asking Bogusky about how his weekends have evolved over the past five years. He responds:

The biggest change to my weekends has been the move to Boulder. The town is so full of sports fanatics out doing amazing things all of the time. It gets to the point where you actually can have recreation stress. I'm pretty much using technology to keep work going and flowing all during the weekend. A stop into the office for a few hours is usually a part of any weekend.

Going and flowing! Talk about weekend geistiness. Did we mention that the Journal is making this into a contest? Perhaps in an effort to adjust the storied "Creative Leaders" tradition for the "You" generation, the curators have opened up the floor to readers, inviting all of us to submit an ad featuring our favorite advertiser. All we have to do is make sure that the photo we choose and the contents of the Q & A are consistent with the Campaign's tone and mission. As for whether you can submit an entry on your own behalf, the FAQ warns:

The spirit of the CLS is for individuals to honor and nominate a Creative Leader who most inspires them. However, we will accept submissions in which the entrant nominates themselves on their own behalf. In these cases, the entrant and the nominee would be the same person.

Also! Did we know that Dow Jones has a trademark on the phrase "Have a brilliant weekend"? Because they do; that is a trademark they have.