Regular Gawker Weekend bread and butter means clowning on the Times wholesale and full-scale, particularly when they try to jump species and turn what is normally just a bunch of paper folded together into a multimedia internet experience. It's difficult to imagine the circumstances under which someone would actually click through to the multimedia segments of the Times website, but in a hard-up moment we put our peepers to "All the Fixings," a.k.a. the 'T' style magazine's highly speedy, behind-the-scenes look at a recent cover photo shoot.

Turns out that these richer and glossier older sisters of Youtube can hold a reader's eyes with the best of them: in just under four minutes you get a hot babe, fake sand, real chainsaws, a cherry-red hotrod, and a great-looking ice cream sandwich mid-melt. As if all that imagery were not enough, the Times tops off the sundae with a little musical number called "My Moon My Man" by the singer Feist. In effect, what the Times' tubers engineered as a mere sneaky peek at the models and photogs who make the glossy sections of the Sunday paper worth bringing to the bathroom, has turned into a banging music video. It is a pretty good one!

All the Fixings [NYT]