As the employees of the New York Times make their way into their new headquarters (many of them will migrate today!), there are several changes they will, undoubtedly, note. For one: Editors have offices in the middle of the newsroom floors, in glass-enclosed pod-like structures, instead of tucked away on the sides of floors. Goodbye, privacy! But there's one place on every floor where you can get some peace and quiet: The "Room of Silence." (Very "Superman.") But some Times employees are not-so-affectionately referring to them as the Crying Rooms.

Each floor has one of these rooms, enclosed by frosted glass, equipped only with a table, chair, and telephone. Presumably, they're the perfect place to go if you're conducting some important business that you don't want the rest of the (open) newsroom to hear. But they're also being looked upon, somewhat apprehensively, as the place where your editor takes you to get reamed out. All eyes will follow you to the Crying Room. Beware!