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Because our secret publicity contract with frighteningly handsome, genius-level superproducer Brian Grazer mandates that we draw attention to his every appearance across a variety of media, we note a curious sketch from this weekend's SNL season finale, in which host Zach Braff is harassed by the obsessed assistant (whom, we fear, might be a dude) of one "Brian Gold," a powerful and spikey-haired Hollywood executive. For reasons that are left unexplained in the skit, "Gold" is subletting Grazer's Imagine Entertainment office space, possibly to help defray the cost of the company's exorbitant Beverly Hills rent while the intellectually voracious executive criss-crosses the globe in search of minds to plunder with his creepy powers. After the jump, NBC's official YouTube clip of the sketch, curiously described as "Melissa and Zach Braff make a connection in Brian Grazer's office."