An employee of the Soho Grand had a lot to say about Lindsay Lohan's visit last week, according to a local blogger. Said the employee:

"when i got to work at 6:30 in the morning the first thing my manager told me was, 'lindsay lohan is coked out of her mind and is running around the hotel in her underwear'!"

Did this manager actually see the starlet put coke in her nose? No. So we doubt this highly. But it goes on!

The manager...

went on to say that Lohan and [Calum] Best were brawling quite loudly and that when other guests had the audacity to poke their heads out from the rooms to check on her safety or to request that they keep the noise down Lohan would scream obscenities at them.



the thing that piggy [the source] told me that I found both amusing and revolting was that Lohan's new boy-toy was mercilessly pursuing one of the hotel's front desk clerks during their entire stay there, going so far as to call down to the front desk from Lindsay's room whenever he had the opportunity and explaining in VERY graphic detail the things that he wanted to do to her.

Hearsay and Innuendo [Cajun Boy]