Hey, you know what's fun? Answering surveys! Honestly, recent studies have shown that frequent survey-responders are considered more attractive, affable, and (where applicable) well-hung than those who choose not to answer surveys. Which is to say that we have no clue what this is about, but if you don't answer this survey Gawker Ad Monster Chris Batty will shiv us with one of Nick Denton's castoff platinum back-scratchers. Please don't make us get stabbed. Also, there's something in it for you! Simply mail surveys@gawker.com and include the last question of the survey and you might just win one free year of unlimited, three discs at a time, Netflix goodness! You can finally catch up on all those Buñuel movies you kept promising yourself you'd see. By participating you agree to be bound by standard Gawker contest rules, but that's a small price to pay. Survey it up, you!

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