So Eric Schaeffer's making the rounds, promoting his book, and his interview with Nerve is mostly nothing new. "I've been in therapy for years. My spiritual path has been one of self-reflection," and "It's hard to find really smart, funny women who are confident and have a job or an aspiration that's inspiring to me," and "Special-massage girls will give you love because it's just the nature of who they are and what they're doing." But then there's this: "I ended a book deal from a major publisher in New York because the woman who runs the publishing company, when my dick was in her mouth, had her checkbook out and said, "I will buy your book now." Come again? (Or please, please, never come again, but, you know, clarify?)

We went on a second date, and she said, "I want to have a baby in a year and a half," and I said I don't want to have babies for five years. I risked that deal going away. And so I said, "I guess we can't date." And the book deal went away. Surprise, surprise.

Ok, deep breaths all around. Eric Schaeffer is famous for lying. This so probably did not happen! But if it did, there's only one lady we can think of who'd be nutty enough to read Eric's book proposal and then want to breed with him. Just sayin'. Whipping Boy [Nerve]