When the Washington Post company posted a horrendous 16% profit loss in the first quarter, the given rationale was that the D.C. real estate market was crappy and thusly real estate ad revenue had plummeted. But the bleak outlook of the Post didn't deter owner Donald Graham from dropping $4.65 million on a Central Park West apartment. As the Observer reports, one-time D.C. cop Graham and his wifey, Mary purchased the "six-and-a-half-room, 2,000-square-foot co-op" "pied-a-terre" but haven't told their Washington cronies.

"I would, of course, beg you not to write anything about it," Ms. Graham told The Observer. "We haven't even talked to our friends about the fact that we'll have this apartment!"

"I think it's important to say that we continue to be a devoted Washington family," she said later, "and we're not selling anything in Washington."

Well, we think it is important to say you're a devoted Washington family too. Now quietly run your paper into the ground and move to Manhattan.

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