Today's LAT publicizes the plight of local TV-writing hopeful David McMillan, who after completing the CBS Diversity Institute's Writers Mentoring Program and enduring three unsuccessful staffing seasons, has this year decided to distinguish himself from the other faceless hopefuls watching their careers quietly die in the spec script slush pile by harnessing the power of the internets for some self-promotion. He's seized control of his own destiny by posting a clip of the top ten reasons he should be given a staff gig, then mailing off the URL to his industry contact list. Career suicide, or clever stunt that will land him a few meetings with executives anxious to meet the YouTube guy so that they can brag to their friends over lunch at the commissary that they met the YouTube guy? You be the judge.

In any event, McMillan can't be a worse hire than WGA mole George "Scab Writer" Ellis, whom the Guild hopes will be snapped up during a studio's MySpace hunt for cheap, strike-insurance labor, and whose shoddy, non-union workmanship will doom any stockpiled project to instant failure. His video resume follows: